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Hotter N Hell - Testimonials

🔥Hotter N Hell🔥Testimonials

🔺 Tough Grease and Chemicals

"We deal with some tough grease and chemicals. This product has been the only product that can remove these issues without some serious heat or elbow grease. We will definitely be setting up in bulk at our yard."

🔺 Black Sticky Stuff

"That stuff works great. This machine came back in off of a deep berry with black sticky stuff splashed onto the entire machine including the cab. The steamer wouldn't touch whatever it was. Varsol kinda helps. But the degreaser made a huge difference."

🔺 Rig Wash

"Got that chem in and used it on a rig wash for XTO. Well, we will definitely be using it from here on out!"

Put us to work to clean and wash your dirty, oily equipment, like we did on this forklift engine!

First bucket is 100% money-back guaranteed, so no risk to try.

☎ 432-209-8078, check us on Trunkline, or contact


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