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Hotter N Hell - RESPECT

I’ve always had …

RESPECT for the oilfield

RESPECT for the oilfield worker

My grandfather, 32 years with Amoco in the Permian - pumper, gang pusher and field foreman

My father lived in a lease house on Midland farms in the Permian - was a roustabout during summers in high school

I worked summers in college on a platform in the Gulf and roustabout on a gang truck in the Permian

Core values learned from my forefathers:

Be on time

Be a good hand

Do more than asked to do

Keep your mouth shut

Don’t step in the same hole twice

🔥Hotter N Hell🔥

The degreaser preserving the asset value of company equipment = less caustic, less time, less money.

☎️ Call is at 432-209-8078, check us out on,, or🎯

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